kinetic_daze will be completely inactive from here on out, as I'm tired of having to keep an eye on it. Two journals is a hassle, so all of my icon related stuff (Which was the whole point of this journal), will be moved to my actual journal, urbanism. I'll still participate in icontests, and update signal_smoke, but under that name. Anyone who friended this journal, feel free to friend that one. Just beware, it's mostly spam and boring stuff. :O
Gackt//Stick it

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[02:19:17] (Kitajima_Maya) hmm :[
[02:19:29] (Kitajima_Maya) and what's wrong with calling icons avatars
[02:19:30] (Kitajima_Maya) T_T
[02:19:34] (Chopstick) i dunno
[02:19:35] (Kitajima_Maya) i interchange the two words :[
[02:19:36] (Chopstick) i call them avatars
[02:19:42] (Chopstick) maybe i should call them
[02:19:52] (Chopstick) 100x100 pixel squares that are full of serious business

Help Me D:

Kay, I need help deciding on a new name for icon_duet, seeing as it isn't really a duet, and it's painfully boring and dull.

co_raptor came up with "harmonics", but something about that annoys me. But, if you can think of ANYTHING that's modern or catchy/easy to remember/awesome, just comment here and help me :3
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Setsuna//Angelic Voices


So, um, m1ch1ru and I started experimenting a few days ago with icons :O As in, we did the collaberation thingy.

is an example of what we pulled off. (Although, michi did most of the work, I just did the lighting and a bit of coloring 8D)

So, what do you think? Should we continue this crazy scheme to take over the world? Or should we quit?
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Setsuna//Angelic Voices

So um

I've been on a little hiatus for the past few weeks, and I'm sorry for not informing anyone, just needed a break. :3 So, sorry to all of the won derful people I left hanging on icontests and communities and stuff :(
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Violet//Blue Glory

Award Entry

Here are various placements I've made in icontests spread throughout livejournal. The list is relatively small right now, because I'm extremely lazy.


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